Tarik Berber

Born in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Hercegovina) in 1980. Studied at Accademia delle Belle Arti with prof.Adriano Bimbi, Florence. After a couple of years in Berlin and seven years in London, he moves to Milan. Currently lives and works in Milano and DALMATIA(Zadar). 

As a child due to the Yugoslavian War, he left his own country and settled with his family in Bolzano, Italy. Even before moving to Florence to continue his academic studies, while still very young, he had already received recognition and exemplary acknowledgements of esteem. 

Before the age of twenty-one he had, thanks to Giancarlo Marini an “old fashioned” art collector, public shows in Empoli and Mugello, before coming into contact with the prestigious Poggiali & Forconi Gallery in Florence. At the inauguration of the new Museo di Arte Contemporanea of Isernia, MACI, in the spring of 2004, the youngest artist invited to display, he presented a painting of expressionist stamp, showing in close up a figure per- meated by a sacred aura, which galvanised the attention of both critics and public. The most important Fairs then consolidated an exceptional interest in his work. 

He was invited to exhibit at the Museo della Civiltà Romana in Rome, at the Second Biennial InTranSito, in Sassoferrato at the 55th Rassegna Internazionale d’Arte G. B. Salvi Aperture, curated by Mauro Corradini, and then, by Alessandro Riva in Catania in the Le Ciminiere space, and at the 2nd Rassegna Internazionale d’Arte Citta di Bozzolo Don Primo Mazzolari, where he won the first acquisition prize. In May 2006, he had a one-man show at the eighteenth-century residence of Villa Pisani, the Museo Nazionale of Strà in the Province of Venice

Berber had 4 solo shows and 6 group exhibitions of his work in London since he first moved in 2013.

He also completed two hand- drawn animations which gained the attention of BBC, InsideArt and Vimeo Staff Picks among oters.

In summer 2015 he was invited to Bosnia and Hercegovina by N.Delić and A.Dupanović for a series of solo exhibition at the City Gallery Bihać, National Gallery of Bosnia and Hercegovina in Sarajevo and G&M Gallery in Tuzla.

At the end of 2015 starts to work with the prestigious Albemarle Gallery, that organized a solo show at the Moor House, build by the archistar Lord Norman Foster, in the City, London. 

At the  beginning of 2016 he  pubblished with Admir Lješčanin “Fairy tale about the Moon” for the “DUGA CENTER”, Kulen Vakuf. A humanitarian project that provide shelter for children in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Tarik is one of the Shortlisted Finalist at the Ibero-American ART AWARD Exhibition at the Embassy of Brasil, London 2016. 

Beginning of 2017 he is invited by Serre Torrigiani in Piazza dei Tre Re and the Arch.Chiara Fanigliulo to create an 80m2 instalation for the “Estate Fiorentina”, Florence. 

In summer 2017 he’s back to Florence for a Solo Show, TOXIC CADMIUM, at the Aria Art Gallery, curated by Antonio Budetta. 

He is rapresented by the Aria Art Gallery at the “CIContemporary Istanbul Art Fair, 2017. 

VS Arte, Art Gallery in Brera, Milano, presents the group show “Sguardi e Luoghi”2018 con opere pittoriche di Tarik Berber, Filippo Cristini, Max Gasparini e Tina Sgrò.



Solo Shows: 

Marracash “DUBBI” a cura di Collezione RAMO -Irina Zucca Alessandrelli– presso Assab One, Milano 2022

Mademoiselle Zara” National Museum of Croatia, Kneževa Palača-Rector’s Palace, Zadar 2021.

Seven Sisters”, Galleria Previtali, Milano a cura di    Andrea Dusio, 2020 Milan, Italy.

Seven Sisters”, FONDAZIONE MAIMERI, MAC, MILANO a cura di Andrea Dusio_2020 Milan, Italy.

“Widsor Beauties” at the Aria Art Gallery, ISTANBUL

curated by Antoni Budetta, Istanbul 2018.

“TOXIC CADMIUM”, at the Aria Art Gallery, curated by Antonio Budetta, Firenze 2017.

“BeBop Diaries” at the Embassy of Bosnia And Hercegovina, London 2016.

Solo Show at ArtMoorHouse in association with Albemarle Gallery, curated by Tony Pontone and Elisa Martinelli, London 2015.

”FLOW” Darren Baker Gallery, Curated by Jason Colchin-Carter & Agnieszka Perche, London 2015.

”FLOW” City Gallery, curated by: Nermin Delić & Adnan Dupanović, Bihać 2015.

”FLOW” G&M Galeria, Tuzla 2015

”FLOW” National Art Gallery of Bosna and Hercegovina, Sarajevo 2015.

”FLOW”_curated by Lejla Festić Britovšek, ArmaMaxa, 

VETRINSKI DVORI _Slovenia MARIBOR, January 2015

“Heterotopias of Time” curated by Gabriella Daris at “Blacks”, SOHO , London 2013.

“Anatomia di un lupo”, Aria Art Gallery, Florence 2011.

Double Solo Show with Elena Manzan “Back to Italy” (curated by Luca Beatrice), MACI, Isernia 2010.

“IMAGO” at LATO studio Architect Designer, Prato 2010.

“Mostra di disegni”, Etrarte, Florence 2010.

Double Solo Show with sculptor Lorenzo Vignoli, Ex Marmi, Pietrasanta 2009.

“Firenze 2006, Berlin 2007”, SelvArtGallery, Bolzano2007.

“Gli occhi della gente” (curated by Maurizio Sciaccaluga), Il Castello Art Gallery, Trento 2006.

“Vestigia Umane” (curated by Maria Livia Brunelli), Museo Nazionale Villa Pisani, Strà 2006.

“Teste e/o mitologemi”, Circolo Arti Figurative, Empoli 2004.


Groupe Shows:

VS Arte, collettiva “Sguardi e Luoghi” opere pittoriche , Milano 2018.

Opening “Group Show” at the new Aria ART Gallery in ISTANBUL, 2018. 

Winter Show part.1/Winter Show part.2, Albemarle Gallery, London2017.

Tedx Talk “Synergy”, group show curated by Blair Zaye, ADA National College for Digital Skills, Tottenham,   London 2017. 

Shortlisted Finalist at the Ibero-American ART AWARD Exhibition at the Embassy of Brasil, London 2016.

Mersad Berber & Tarik Berber at the Albemarle Gallery, Mayfair, London 2016.

NewYear/NewArtist/NewWork with Gordon Davidson/Tim Jones/Arshak Sarkissian at

Albemarle Gallery, Mayfair, London 2016.

February Group Show Darren Baker Gallery, Curated by Jason Colchin Carter and Agnieszka Perche, IPA Isis Phonix Arts LONDON 2015.

Group Show at “100 Years Gallery” curated by Pascal Ancel Bartholdi and Jaimi Valtierra, London 2013.

“Bosnian Culture ” Museo della Civiltà Romana, EUR, Roma  2012.

“Oltrarno” curated by Graziella Ardia, Palazzo Panciatichi, Florence 2010.

Group Show “Beauty Farm”, la bellezza del corpo tra idealizzazione e ossessione”, Fondazione Durini, Milano 2010.

International Art Review “G. B. Salvi”, Sassoferrato 2005.

International Art Review Citta’ di Bozzolo, curated by Mauro Corradini, First Floor section,

First Prize AWARDED, 2005.

Group Show “Altre Voci altre stanze” curated by Alessandro Riva, spazio Le Ciminiere, Catania 2005.

Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea Intransito, Museo Nazionale Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome 2004.

“L’arte in testa” curated by Luca Beatrice, MACI,Museo Arte Contemporanea Isernia 2004.

“Il Mugello dipinto”, Barberino di Mugello, 2003.

“Il Mugello disegnato”, Palazzo Panciatichi, Florence 2002.